What is Bakfy

Bakfy is an award winning app for college campuses. Bakfy acts as a college broadcaster where you can share juicy gossip, news, secrets, campus events, funny experiences, jokes and have interesting conversations with others, without having to know them.

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Bakfy is FUN

No friend requests, no following someone; Bakfy puts the entire college under one roof so that you are connected to everyone.

Share stuff with students in you hostel, class, club, etc. with on the fly with hashtags

Connect with students from other colleges and have the most interesting conversations of your life.

Want to share something that is too controversial? Post Anonymously!

Careers @ Bakfy

Bakfy is a Bangalore based startup by alums of NIT Trichy and DCE (Yes, we could not make it to IITs). Some of the brightest minds and super passionate students from across campuses are working with us. If you are a go-getter, a startup enthusiast and want to learn while earning some money, Bakfy may just be the place for you. We are looking for people to work across Campus Ambassadors, Marketing and Content Writing. Don't know your mojo? No worries. We will help you figure out.

Shoot an email at reach@bakfy.me with some brief about yourself.

Press & Media

"There is one more headline feature that differentiates Bakfy from other social networks - and that's anonymity...."
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"If you are a college youngster and looking for a exciting network then Bakfy is for you...."
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